“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing”

– Benjamin Franklin


Firm Foundations

Their stories and individual journeys still amaze and inspire me. They met in a very small rural town called Cootamundra, in New South Wales, where they both attended Bible College. The story of how they both came to Bible College is a novel in itself; filled with courage, faith and determination – Read

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The Man Cave

The Man Cave was created to combat the epidemic of mental health disorders and emotional illiteracy facing Australia’s youth. We fundamentally believe that instead of crisis management and band-aid solutions, we must focus on preventative measures and mental wellness strategies that become life-long tools. – Read


Shifting Sands

I don’t know where grit comes from, but I like to think that it has two key elements; courage and integrity. The origins of the words courage and integrity refer to whole of heart, innocence and blameless. To me, grit speaks to a dedication to justice. – Read


Seven BIG Questions!

The right question can cut through the niceties of friendship and goes to the heart of what you really want to be asked, but mightn’t actually know it. So I have pulled together seven questions, that have really helped me consider what I am doing with my life, my next steps and also what drives me. – Read


The Politics of Art and Representation

The art of oration calls on an audience to enter into a contract, a bond – that cannot be transferred through a recording, a picture, an artwork or a transcript. The art of oration is most effective when this artful seed is sown on fertile lands – open hearts. It is most powerful when creating meaningful connection. – Read


Legacy: Trust Delegated

To me this spoke of the powerful notion of ‘Legacy’ and delegating trust to younger generations. Trusting the lessons we are able to pass on, and empowering choice with the belief that it is not our journey that the next generation must walk, it is their own. – Read


Become a Polished Man

In August, I became a proud Polished Man Ambassador, along with men from various walks of life. From AFL legends, emerging Rugby Union stars to radio personalities and musicians – we came together to say, “it is time to stand up and not just stand by” when it comes to ending violence against children. – Read


Mind Garden Projects Launch!

Support Mind Garden Projects to help Pinyas and Vincent (Head Masters of Elementary Schools in New Ireland Provence, PNG)  provide a better education to children in remote villages across New Ireland Provence; we are gathering funds to support their students and schools. – Read


Thinking that Grows

Kate and I are developing Mind Garden Projects to support schools like Ussil Primary School and Neikonomon Community School. Mind Garden Projects sources and develops education resources to support literacy skills in children and teens in schools across New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. – Read

National Gathering Invitation

A Gathering of Inspired Minds

In less than 12 months, NIYLA has brought together 100 Indigenous young people from across Australia in 2 National Gatherings, launched 10 youth-led national campaigns on issues they are passionate about, and has reached thousands and thousands of Australians. – Read


Leading a Resurgence in Political Participation

We stand at a significant point in our nations history in which we do not follow the patterns of previous generations. Young Australians are more likely to pursue higher education, more likely to travel and live overseas and more likely to start our own businesses then our parents’ generation. – Read


Curiosity: First Step to Changing the World

We have set out on an ambitious journey to build a generation of changemakers by providing the opportunity and experiences for Indigenous young people to gain the skills, build their national networks and discover a shared purpose to lead positive change in communities across Australia. – Read


Theory of Change: A work in progress

My theory of change is simple; Australia’s most valuable resource is its people, our most valuable investment in accessible formal and non-formal education and our most valuable commitment we can make to achieve these is our ability to advocate and participate in the public and political discourse at all levels. – Read

Shape of politics

The Shape of Politics

It is important to acknowledge these points, because this blog is not about attacking Liberal, Labor, Democracy or Political Leaders, it is about having a voice and making a choice. – Read


Faciliating Blog

Facilitating Life Skills

I believe that facilitation skills are life skills, as they require an individual to have an understanding of themselves, appreciate perspective and the importance of establishing a safe space. These skills are so important well beyond the workshop or classroom, and are important skills particularly for young people to develop. – Read


Partnerships: Not a Political Quick Fix

On the 13th February 2008 former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addressed the Nation in a powerful and emotional acknowledgment and apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generations.” – Read

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The Disciplined Non-Conformist

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined non-conformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood. Dr Martin Luther King Jr – Read


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A Community or a Bubble..?

The question I wrestle with constantly when it comes to leadership and social action is are we building a community or are we creating a bubble when we define ourselves as Changemakers?” – Read

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Believe it, if you are to see it

The National Gathering was successful because we had absolute faith in the importance of what we were doing; 51 Indigenous young people from across Australia, 5 days, 5 social issues impacting all Australians and 5 national campaigns launched – an Australian first. – Read


Leadership in a New Light

Instead, leadership was an outcome of a life of learning. Leadership didn’t come with a title, it came with knowledge of stories, song, dance and understanding which was taught, shared and expanded upon as a young person grew and matured. – Read