Mind Garden Projects Launch!


I am very excited to introduce Pinyas and Vincent, the headmasters at two remote schools in Papua New Guinea passionate about their students success through education. Through Mind Garden Projects, we will be supporting their schools to provide the basic resources they need to ensure their students have the best opportunity to receive a life changing education.

Help us to support Pinyas and Vincent provide a better education to children in remote villages in New Ireland Provence in PNG; by giving to our Crowd-Funding Campaign to reach the $17,000 target.

Support Mind Garden Projects here. 

Ussil Elementary School has a library without books, which affects the students’ literacy and numeracy skills impacting their grades and success later in life. Neikonomon Community School is so remote and lacking in resources that it takes Vincent a 12-14 hours on a round trip across open seas and trekking through jungle to simply print materials and get resources for his students and teachers.

We have an opportunity to support these schools and provide them with resources they need to ensure their students have the opportunity to gain a life changing education.

Join us to support Mind Garden Projects crowd-funding campaign

Our goal is to raise a total of $17,000 to support the schools with resources like books, stationary and power sources.

We are offering the following perks to our wonderful donors:

  1. Donate $20 and get a shout out on social media
  2. Donate $50 and get three postcards
  3. Donate $75 and get a campaign t-shirt
  4. Donate $100 and get a large photo and thank you letter
  5. Donate $250 and get a small canvas of a photograph from PNG
  6. Donate $1000 and get a large panoramic framed photograph
  7. Donate $2500 and get a wooden carving from PNG

To donate: https://www.chuffed.org/project/mind-garden-projects/ 

Please help raise awareness by sharing this video and campaign on Facebook & Twitter



What are your thoughts?

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