The Shape of Politics

Parliament House

Addressing the nation as the Prime Minister elect The Hon. Tony Abbott MP (video of address) declared, as he looked out over an audience of Liberal Party faithfuls.

“I now look forward to forming a government that is competent, that is trustworthy and which purposefully and steadfastly and methodically, sets about delivering on our commitments to you the Australian people.”

Raising his voice above the audience ecstatic from a victory over their Labor Party rivals, Prime Minister Abbott continued by making a statement that we hold to be true but is often conveniently forgotten in the period between election nights.

“Today the people of Australia have declared that the right to govern this country does not belong to Mr Rudd or to me or to his party or to ours, but it belongs to you, the people of Australia.”

It is important to acknowledge two key points:

  1. Prime Minister Abbott was democratically elected; and
  2. Free and democratic elections are a privilege that people fight and die to achieve and defend in their nations.

It is important to acknowledge these points, because this blog is not about attacking Liberal, Labor, Democracy or Political Leaders, it is about having a voice and making a choice. It is about the choice to support a political party that reflects your beliefs, values and vision for the future of our Nation and having the voice to shape politics to better reflect a society we can aspire to be.

I personally encourage swing voting because in a nation of compulsory voting one of our greatest voting assets is our ability to hold governments accountable to their commitments. We can do this by being unpredictable, judging on actions, deciding on policy and not aligning with the blue, red or green tie, pendent or banner. This also relies on citizens to be aware and engaged in the political process – which not all are.

Having a voice does not always mean taking to the streets to march on Canberra but it does mean speaking up on issues you care about and issues that impact others. Social media has changed the landscape of politics, traditional media and interactions; it does enable the wider population to discuss issues they care about and for their message to reach a greater audience, but if you want to be heard and really make a difference it is less about the tweeting, commenting and sharing and more about meaningful participation.

Voice, Choice and Participation. Seems like a slogan in itself, and maybe it is, because I want to hear from you. I want to gain a deeper understanding of what you want in our Nation’s leaders. Not Liberal, not Labor but from our government and our leaders.

Please take 10 minutes to complete ‘The Shape of Politics’ Questionnaire.

It has been a longtime hope of mine to one-day make the leap into politics, but current political parties do not reflect my beliefs, values or vision for our nation and I want to know if they reflect yours.

So please complete ‘The Shape of Politics’ Questionnaire.

Please note:

  • This information will be used for my own understanding of political will in Australia;
  • This questionnaire is not on behalf of, aligned with or for any current political party or organisation;
  • No identifying or contact information is being captured or stored; and
  • The information is not and will not be used by a third party.

What are your thoughts?

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