The Disciplined Non-conformist

Having another set of eyes to review a piece of work offers an opportunity to pick up on grammatical errors, factual mistakes and whether the piece makes sense. The reviewer is given the right to question, change and veto whole paragraphs with the permission of the writer and this person is not only thanked for their time, they are praised for their ability to dot an ‘i’, cross the ‘t’ and right a wrong.

In every generation there are people who are born into the world that possess a keen eye for human error, injustice and oppression and wield an ability to hold the mirror up to society and say something is not right. It is these people that devote their lives to advocacy and activism in the pursuit of positive change throughout the world. It is these people who can share a vision that transcends class, economic status, race and religion to connect strangers, neighbors, friends and family in a mutual understand of what it is we should aspire to. These people are the disciplined non-conformists.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr said “The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined non-conformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.” Dr Martin Luther King Jr speaks to the Disciplined Non-Conformists commitment to a noble cause that is bigger than the individual, the dedication to a safe, just and fair world.

We need Disciplined Non-Conformists. We look to them and say things like “I am glad someone had the guts to say that” or “you said exactly what we are feeling” even “I am glad somebody is thinking like you.” We need them because they aren’t afraid to raise their hand in a room of ‘yes-men’ and say no, not this time.

Non-conforming is easy, you can be a brat, a punk, commit heresy, break systems, switch off and dismiss but to stand for something, build systems, debate an idea, garner support, inspire change, that takes discipline, it takes the right mix of ego and courage to believe you can succeed where others have failed or where others wish to stand in your way.

We need Disciplined Non-Conformists. We need someone willing to stand up and say that you cannot dismantle independent media, you cannot detain human beings for seeking a better future, you cannot speak of progress when it is in the disguise of systemically crippling culture, you cannot pander to big business cause you work for me the voter.

We need you.

Cause in a nation that questions whether its most valuable resource is the people; we need people like you to raise their hand to remind us that we are and we can all aspire to be Disciplined Non-Conformists.


7 thoughts on “The Disciplined Non-conformist

  1. BENSON,
    I just read ‘The Disciplined Non-Conformist’ I like it & didn’t realize until I read your article that dad & I had input into you, Johnny & Dina being disciplined non-conformists.
    Non of you are trapped in a ‘box’ you are thinkers and stand up, have your say, not influenced by the most popular or newest ideas but individuals who think of others and are willing to assist or instigate change.
    Continue to make a difference, no matter how small the change or how many you motivate into becoming disciplined non-conformist because we all need to be made aware of our biases, how we effect others and how we too can change to make a positive difference in a world that is full of contradiction and prejudice.

    Courage and discipline to you son and all non-conformists!

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